Easy Image Posting on Craigslist Without Flagging

Easy Image Posting on Craigslist Without Flagging


craigslist flaggingDon’t you hate when you see your ad on Craigslist say, “This Posting Has Been Flagged For Removal.”?

One of the biggest reasons your ads get flagged on Craigslist is because of your images. In this blog I am going to teach you how to easily post images to Craigslist without getting flagged.

How to Add Images on Craigslist

When you go to Craigslist and you click on help: how to add images it looks really simple. You click add file and upload your images. Now, it states on Craigslist that you can upload up to 12 images. Good luck with that though. You are lucky if you can get 1 image to stick. If you are skeptical about what I am talking about just go to your city on Craigslist and look at all the ads. You will notice they either have no images or just one image. If I had to guess I would say 1% of Craigslist ads have more than 1 image. If you are wondering why your ad is getting flagged it may be because you are using more than 1 image.

Does The Size of Your Image Matter

This is just as important as having 1 image. When we are uploading a image to advertise your ad if we don’t know the correct size it will not only look bad, but it will get flagged. What I have found is if your ad is above 100KB it is a good chance it will get flagged. Also, the dimensions of your ad should be 600 in width and 450 in height.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, watch this video and I will show you an example what everything means.

Video ►The Perfect Image For Craigslist


This training on images on Craigslist is going to help a lot of people with their ads. If you have any questions or implemented this and it worked for you let me know by commenting below. Also if you want to tap into exclusive, relevant training like this. Become a member of LiveAdMachine today.

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  1. Hey Tom, I have followed you for some time. For your information, that size in the video DOES NOT always work, as you know as of December 2016, craigslist can pull TEXT from images. I know because I use OCR test before I post on craigslist.

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