The Easiest Way to Post Nationwide on Craigslist

The Easiest Way to Post Nationwide on Craigslist

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Learning how to post nationwide on Craigslist is a question I get asked every week.

I’m going to share some tips I learned posting nationwide with you today. Before you jump into posting nationwide look at your ads locally, are they getting flagged or are they going live?

The reason I am bringing this up is because if you can’t get your ads to go live locally, then you definitely won’t get them live nationally.

This is the number one mistake people make. So you must learn to master posting locally, before you move onto posting nationally.

Why Your Ad Got Flagged

If your ad gets flagged within one or two hours from the time you posted it, this is a sign that Craigslist didn’t approve your ad for some reason. If you see your ad go live on Craigslist after an hour or two later and it gets flagged hours later, the flagging happened within the Craigslist community. A few examples would be your ad got flagged because you are posting spam, it’s in the wrong section, someone didn’t like it for some reason or most common a Craigslist competitor flagged it.

Over Posting, Duplicate Content & Images

Here are three tips to help your ads go live on Craigslist.

Let’s go into Craigslist over posting first. When you post your ads from one account, how many ads are you posting? If you are not sure, then you are posting way to much. Post one ad every 48 hours or longer. That seems like a lot, but every time you go to post, renew your ads from the previous days. Over time your ads will build up from renewing and you will have a lot more live ads.

Second is Craigslist duplicate content. If you post the same exact ad way to much your ads will get flagged from Craigslist and the Craigslist community. A good rule to follow is change up your title every other day and change your ad copy every week. When I say change up your title, I means change at least one word or more. When I say change your ad copy I mean change up a sentence at least or more.

The third tip is your Craigslist images. This is pretty easy to spot. If you are using images in your ads and they are flagging, try to post without images you might notice your ad will go live. If that happens you know it is your mage that is causes your ad to flag. You can either eliminate images or test out a image and see if that works.

Final Step to Get Your Ads Live

You still need to change your ip address. You are probably thinking all this just to get my ads live? Yes, I know it’s crazy. Now if you are not sure what changing your ip is I will explain it to you the easiest way possible. When you go online you have a unique id (number) that is how you are seen online. That is your ip and Craigslist tracks you. So, if you can change that number every time you post Craigslist will not be able to track you and more of your ads will go live.

The question is how do I change my ip then? Well there is a very long list of software’s you can buy, all have reoccurring monthly charges. Some work for some and some don’t work. They can be really expensive, bog your computer down your computer and turn out to be a bigger project then they are worth.

Today I have some good news for you I found out the easiest way to post nationwide on Craigslist. I put together a easy to follow step by step 30 minute video training for you called “Power Posting”. It will work for nationwide posting and local posting and will only cost you a one time payment of $57.

Pick up Power Posting today, the easiest way to post nationwide on Craigslist.
(Power Posting is included FREE as a Bonus with Live Ad Machine)

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