Does Craigslist Still Ghost Ads, And is There a Fix?

Does Craigslist Still Ghost Ads, And is There a  Fix?

craigslist-ghosted-ad-2016Did your ad get ghosted on Craigslist? It’s 2016 does Craigslist really still ghost your ads?

I hear about a lot of peoples frustrations using Classified Ad Sites. You may know already because you might be someone that did a free consultation over at Live Ad Machine. Where you can fill me in with your current problems and I provide you with solutions to your problems. A question that comes up a lot is “My ad was Ghosted on Craigslist how do I fix it?” So I thought it would be a good idea to address this question.

What is a Ghosted ad?

It’s when you post an ad and it doesn’t show up in the Craigslist search. Everything seems to be done right, but it doesn’t show up. If you login and look in your account you will see the ad there. But when you search for the ad it’s nowhere to be found.  It is kind of funny because Craigslist never made this term up. If you search their website there is nothing about ghosting or ghosted ads. Ghosting on Craigslist is actually a made up term that Craigslist users made up when your ad disappears.

Good News And Bad News

Yes, there is actually good news here. The good news is Craigslist does not ghost ads anymore. Ghosting has been something I haven’t seen for over a year now.  The bad news is you may be thinking well how come my ad is not showing up? Some people heard the term ghosting from other people using Craigslist and just assume that if the ad doesn’t show up it’s automatically ghosted. When you post your ad and it doesn’t show up it means your ad was flagged or deleted. If you login into your account and easy way to check is live ads will be green and red ad will be deleted or flagged. If the ad is red you will not see it on Craigslist.

Deleted Ad Fix

The first thing you should do if your ad or ads were deleted from Craigslist is check the date. You want to check the day and time you posted because you can only post every 48 hours. Craigslist doesn’t allow you over posting, so make sure you are posting every 48 hours. Once you checked when you last posted ads, check to see how many ads you posted. You should only post 1-2 ads per 48 hours.  If you are experiencing a lot of deleted ads I would only post 1 ad not 2 ads, maybe even consider opening a new account. Last make sure you keep your posting to a single section per account. If you are posting in the services section don’t post in the for sale section. Create a separate account for the for sale ads.

These tips will help prevent deleted ads from happening and you will have a better experience using Craigslist. I hope this blog helps you with your ads on Craigslist. If you found this blog post useful, please share on social media. If you have any questions leave me a comment below.

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  1. Tom,
    When I post in craigslist even after setting up different accounts I receive a notice to my email that multiple accounts from same IP address cannot post. This IP address thing seems to be a real issue. I have even purchased a online IP address changer however craigslist even picked up on it being a redirected IP address changer. Can they detect the computer I’m using by any chance? Please can you help me get this issue resolved as my business also depends on advertisement to build a team.

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