Do “No Soliciting” Signs Work for Network Marketers?

Do “No Soliciting” Signs Work for Network Marketers?

No-Soliciting-Sign-This blog is funny and a little different than my usual blog. I had a conversation with my Uncle on “No Soliciting” signs for network marketers. 

You may be thinking what does “No Soliciting” signs have to do with network marketers? If a lead doesn’t come from the internet you are not weird, I’m just saying.

There is a whole offline world out there that you should be talking with if you are in network marketing!

Who is My Aunt & Uncle?

Before I get into the “No Soliciting” part of the blog, I wanted to give a shout out to my Aunt and Uncle. Some people that read my blog may or may not know this about them. I was first introduced to network marketing through my Aunt and Uncle.

They are very serious about the network marketing industry. They have been involved for close to 20 years now.  Also Bill is someone that if I need a good laugh I always call him. He’s very funny. He’s very close with his family and honored and grateful he introduced me to this industry.

You can connect with Bill and Lenore Musella on Facebook here.

“No Soliciting” Signs and Network Marketing


Bill and Lenore Musella

So I happen to call Bill the other day and he told me, “can you hold on a second?” I heard him talking in the background. He said,  “I sell “No Soliciting” signs door to door, what color and size would you like?” I heard a woman laughing.

What happen was he broke the ice with that line to introduce her in someway to his network marketing products. His way of breaking the ice is making people laugh so they either buy, partner with him or remember him. I hope this helps you figure out your way!

Something else he does is he will go into a small business sell some product and as a joke he will say, “hey your “No Soliciting” sign doesn’t work.” he says it in a friendly way of course to connect with the person.

Final Thoughts

You are not a weirdo if you tap into the offline world to build your network marketing business. Sometimes getting uncomfortable and leaving your computer desk will get your business moving forward. Have a little fun when you are out there building your empire. What makes you different? How will people remember you? Leave me a comment and let me know if you do something out of the ordinary to stand out.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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  1. Great tip! You're uncle's a funny guy! I'm a bit of a wallflower so I'll have to work on finding something that makes me stand out….or maybe just get into another industry. Lol.

  2. Thanks Christina!!

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