2 Ways to Create Content For Craigslist

2 Ways to Create Content For Craigslist

stuckAre you stuck creating new content for Craigslist?

In this video below, I am going to show you 2 ways to create fresh new content for Craigslist.

Just from my conversations with people this is something that people struggle with, so I decided to blog about it. I think many people know of this technique, but they don’t know how to use this to their advantage.

Creating Content For Craigslist

First step is to head over to Google and type in Craigslist Search Engine. You will then see lots of different choices. I personally use Extads. Feel free to use that one or try a few out and see which one you like.

First Way: Use this to come up with good title ideas and keyword research.

Second Way: Get ideas for other ads you see and use other people’s content to model your ad.

Video ► How to Create Content For Craigslist When You Are Stuck


I hope this helps you when you need new ideas for Craigslist. Don’t use this new idea to copy content on Craigslist. It’s hard enough with ghosting and flagging, because of duplicate ads. Never copy someone’s ad. Professional and successful people “model” ads, they never copy.

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  1. Thank you for sharing ll your ideas with me.
    I forgot about craiglist and will now add a advertisement to it. juts always confused to as to where to put it.

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