Craigslist VS Letgo: Does CL Have Competition?

Craigslist VS Letgo: Does Have CL Have Competition?

craigslist-vs-letgoEver wonder if there would be any other sites like Craigslist that are worth your time? There is and you are going to learn about one inside this blog.

It may have been for a very long time that the Craigslist competition would never happen, but it has with Letgo.

Who is Letgo?

Letgo is a cool app that lets you sell anything. It’s quickly becoming very popular. It makes selling more fun for it’s users than Craigslist. CL is awesome, but it’s design and features for users seem to go backwards instead of forward. You will learn inside some of the innovative features I will point out. People love to buy and sell things online and I don’t just mean Craigslist, think about sites such as ebay and amazon just too name a few big ones.

Here is an article I saw that was really interesting on how Letgo raised $100 Million from Napster to take over Classifieds in the United States.

Why is Letgo Becoming Popular?

Not only do people love to buy and sell online, they also love social media. Letgo really has that Social Media feel to it not like Craigslist. Sometimes posting on Craigslist can seem like work. Where as Letgo is like hanging on to Social Media. Letgo kind of has a pinterest feel to it. See screen shot below.


Letgo Has Features

One of the features I love is adding images to my post. Sometimes it can be a chore adding images to your post on Craigslist. Not with Letgo, every post will have images. Not only is it almost impossible from some to add images to their ads on Craigslist. CL decided to get rid of the feature that lets you add an image directly in the post. To me that is similar to going backwards on features.

letgo-twitterWhen you visit Letgo on Twitter, you will notice in their profile it says, “It’s time to snap, post, chat and sell.”  It really is that easy. You open the app snap a picture, write a little something in your post and and other users can message you.

Most people leave their Facebook account logged in all the time and when it beeps you check your message. Letgo works the same way. The first time I posted something on Letgo, I got a message from someone about 30 minutes later asking me if the item I was selling was still available.

When you post on Craigslist sometimes it can take up to 2 hours for your ad to go live. Not with Letgo your ad goes live immediately, I’ve notice. If you are familiar with Craigslist you know exactly what I mean. Another feature I see with Letgo is that my ads didn’t get flagged. This is also another feature that drives people crazy on Craigslist.

Which is Better Letgo or Craigslist?

Craigslist still dominates it with traffic. They are always ranked in the top 10 most visited websites and they also have more categories. What I would love to see is Craigslist start to adopt some of Letgo’s innovation. What I would like to see from Letgo is adding more categories than just sales. Like for instance jobs, gigs, communities and services, like Craigslist has. It will be cool to see what happens. If you enjoyed this post share it on social media and let me know if you are Letgo users yet.

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  1. Letgo have been productive for myself however I look forward to advertising products on as many products as possible

  2. Letgo have been productive however I look forward to advertising on as many websites that’s available,it’s been awesome!

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