Craigslist Training: What Causes and Prevents Ghosting on Craigslist

Craigslist Training: What Causes and Prevents Ghosting on Craigslist

ghosting on craigslistAre your struggling with ghosted ads on Craigslist? Once you understand why it happens you can eliminate 100% of ghosted ads on Craigslist.

That is a pretty bold statement you may be thinking. If you understand what causes them, you can prevent them.

What is Ghosting on Craigslist?

Ghosting on Craigslist is where you place an ad and everything looks perfect but when you look on Craigslist for that ad it’s not there. It’s kind of funny because I don’t even think Craigslist came up with the word “ghosted ad.”

Why Does Craigslist Ghost Ads?

Here are the top two reasons:

1) Over posting ads. You can only really post 1-3 ads every other day. If you post more than that your ads will get ghosted.

2) Posting to far. Craigslist was created for local posting. If you are posting to far your ads will get ghosted. For instance, if you live in New York and you are trying to post in Texas your ad will get ghosted.

Video What Causes & Prevents Ghosting

The best way to prevent ghosted ads on Craigslist is to never over post and just post in your area and your surrounding area.  This should really cut back on ghosting. In the beginning it can get frustrating, but once you start to follow the rules you will see less and less ghosted ads. Click here to learn how to stop ghosted ads 100%.

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  1. I am looking for someone or a company to post ads for me on CL nationwide for my business. Can you recommend someone for me please.Two companies have already scammed me out of $1,400 and disappeared once they got my money last week.

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