Craigslist Training Interview – How To Prevent Ghosted and Flagged Ads

Craigslist Training Interview – How To Prevent Ghosted and Flagged Ads

craigslist trainingMost people do NOT understand what Craigslist was designed for. Sometimes it can be frustrating getting your ads live. In this blog post I explain why this happens and what you can do to prevent it.

3 Big Mistakes I see People Make

First Mistake:
Craigslist was designed to post in your local area and surrounding area. So an example would be let’s say you live in New York. Don’t try to post in Texas. That is way too far.  Your ad will get flagged and ghosted right away. Instead post to close areas like New Jersey or Connecticut. Another example would be Texas. Close areas would be Oklahoma or New Mexico.

Second Mistake:
Craigslist does not like change. If you have an account and you are posting in the services section. All of sudden you want to post in the Jobs section.  Pick one area per account. Have an account just for the jobs section and have an account just for the services section.  This may sound like a ton of extra work, it’s not.  I show you how to set up multiple accounts the right way in a course I just created. You can pick it up for a limited time by clicking here.

Third Mistake:
Posting too often. Let’s say you want ads live in the sales and marketing section. Post 1 ad per section every other day. Once the ads are live stop posting.  You can now use the renew feature every other day for about 30 days.  Every time you click the renew feature your ads will shoot to the top and look like you just posting them.  If you are posting in the services section you can post a little more.  Post 2 totally different ads every other day.

My good friend Jay Earley has a radio show and interviewed me. Not only will you learn some Craigslist Secrets. You will also hear some pretty cool music too. You can check it out below. Share this around if you know anyone struggling with Craigslist like I was.

Craigslist Interview Video

I hope this post and video helped you have a better understanding why Craigslist was created.  This is really the key before you start posting. This post and video is for informational purposes only.  None of this information was created to do anything illegal or unethical.  Be good to Craigslist and Craigslist will be good to you!

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