Craigslist Selling Tip: Is Posting on Craigslist a Waste of Time?

Craigslist Selling Tip: Is Posting on Craigslist a Waste of Time?

craigslist waste timeAre you selling on Craigslist and wondering if Craigslist is a waste of time?

Recently I had a conversation with someone who posted a few ads and after just a few hours he said, “I’m not sure if this is working?”

It’s awesome to get instant results with anything, but when you are marketing anything it takes time. You have to test and track what you are doing.

How to Win the Game of Posting on Craigslist

Keep in mind, posting an ad or 2 on the first day and say, “I’m not sure this is working?” You are guaranteed to fail! Another tactic you want to realize is less is more when posting. You are probably thinking that is not true, I’ve always heard the more ads you place the better your results.

Here is why that is NOT true. There is power in consistency. If you post a few ads, and do it consistent over time you will have tons of ads. When people over-post on Craigslist it just leads to  ghosting, flagging and accounts on hold. If that happens non of your ads our live.

Final Thought

My profession is network marketing. If someone joined me and talked with 2 people on the first day and said, “I’m not sure if this is working.” I would ask them why they are doing this and what their goals are? The same goes for Craigslist. Find out why you are posting and what is the long term result.

Have a little patience and don’t expect immediate results. Give it a little time and test and track. Leave me a comment and let me know if you agree or disagree.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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