Craigslist Marketing & Advertising: Staying Relevant

Craigslist Marketing & Advertising: Staying Relevant

craigslist-marketing-advertising_-staying-relevantIf you want more activity with your ads on Craigslist you should focus some energy on staying relevant.

Your Craigslist marketing and advertising will get stale real quick if you don’t change things up.

Craigslist is a powerful tool you can add into your marketing and advertising that doesn’t cost you a lot of money. It will take some time, but hardly any money. That is why especially in the beginning it is a great tool to implement.

Current Events

When you first take a look at Craigslist it looks like they haven’t made any changes to the way the site looks, that is because they haven’t. Because of this it’s very important to stand out. When you look at Craigslist all you see are titles and when a title catches your eye you click the ad.

Your title really has to be enticing or it will not get clicked. In the city you are posting in check the current events that are good on and find a way to incorporate the current events happening in that city into your titles. When you do this you will notice a lot more responses to your ads.

Call To Action

Sometimes I see ads that are well written and there is “no call to action”. Make sure you check your ad before you post it and see if the call to action is there. Whether you are using an email, phone number or website. Respond back to people in a timing manner. Because if you don’t someone else will and usually that is the case. Take some time to come up with a catchy call to action. Don’t just put your email, phone number or website. Give them a reason to want to work with you, or use your service.

Social Media

Craigslist isn’t really Social Media friendly. What I mean by that is they don’t use any Social Media sites. If you look around you will notice they either don’t have one or are really not active at all. With that being said, if you are reading this I am sure you are active on Social Media so include your Social Media Sites in your ad, so people can connect with you.

Wrap Up

With things changing so rapidly online especially, implement these three tips to stay more relevant in your marketing and adverting on Craigslist. Just these simple three suggestions will help you increase the activity with your ads. More activity means more results for you. If you found this blog helpful please share it on Social Media or even Craigslist.

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