How to Takeover Craigslist With Lead Generation

How to Takeover Craigslist With Lead Generation

Craigslist Lead GenerationLearning to become a master at Craigslist lead generation can be great for your business.

If you can count the number of leads your generating this week on your fingers it’s just not enough.

Whether you are building a network marketing business, home business or traditional business, you need a steady flow of leads coming in so you can sift and sort, qualify and close them and turn them into sales.

Why Craigslist For Leads?

A fisherman doesn’t fish in an area that has no fish, they go where the fish are. Well if you want leads you want to go where the people are. Craigslist is ranked on at number 11. It’s right up there with Google, YouTube and  Facebook. These are the sites that you usually come to people’s mind when generating leads online.

Another reason to use Craigslist for getting leads is it doesn’t cost you anything. Unless you post in the job section and that is only $25. If you do some research on how much advertising cost it will shock you to see how much it cost. So Craigslist advertising compared to any other advertising doesn’t even come close in price.

LiveAdMachine is Free + New Product

You may know already I created a successful Craigslist training community called LiveAdMachine. This community is designed to help you get your Craigslist ads live. Right now I am working on a brand new product to help you get leads from Craigslist. This system is being taught today to a small group of people.

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Previously people I taught this to paid me $500 +. I even had someone fly from California to New York to meet with me in person for 1 hour training session.

You are NOT going to pay anything near that and I am throwing in LAM for FREE!
1) Not only are you stealing a life time membership to my LAM online Craigslist training community.

2) You are receiving 1 hour of 1 on 1 coaching from me (via phone and email). I am going to help you design and ad that brings in leads period!

3) BONUS: Life Time Access to LAM Facebook Training Community.

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Tom Doherty

Tom Doherty

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PS. Right Now This is an Introductory Price Before I Launch The Course. Steal My Entire LiveAdMachine CL Training Community and My Coaching. 

>>>>>  CL Lead Generation Introductory Price for only $197  <<<<<

  1. I have extremely strong feelings and beliefs about this flagging software and issue. It is a freedom for anyone to post on CL a business whether it be legit or not. when that freedom is taken away for one to make choices for themselves we are headed for (Scarcity MindSet IE… Communism). I also advertise with other methods and it always seems to be that others feel they are above others and therefore, can make choices for others. My question to them is Who died and Left Them GOD!!!
    My market is focused on real estate education and with living in Phoenix we have the gurus come into town it seems like every other weekend. They are told to flag our ads so that we cannot compete with them. They know that if they dont people will see the value in our education vs theirs. WOW, I could say so much more but I wont….

    • Tina, Thanks for sharing. There is so much everyone! We don’t need to flag each others ads.

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