Craigslist Hyperlink Workaround

Have you ever wondered why you can’t post hyperlinks on Craigslist anymore? You actually can in certain areas and I will share with a simple workaround that you can implement today.

Some may think a hyperlink is a website. A hyperlink is a website, the only difference is it’s clickable. So when someone visits your ad they can click your website link and instead of typing out the link a window opens and they are redirected to your website.

Website vs Hyperlink

You might be wondering what is the big deal. We live in a society of convenience. It’s just easier to click the link rather than type out the address. Some may think think people are lazy, it’s not about being lazy it’s about being easier. If you are a marketer you know that you would rather have the hyperlink than a website because you will get more clicks to your website.

A few years ago every section in every city on Craigslist¬† let you post hyperlinks. You were able to embed a very simple HTML code that not only made your website a hyperlink you were also able to make your ad a clickable image. I’m not going to spend to much time on this because Craigslist removed this feature.

Posting a Hyperlink

Craigslist didn’t get rid of this feature totally. You actually can still post images in your ad and make the images clickable so the reader redirects to your website. You can only do this if you are posting in the job section.

Click here for Craigslist supported HTML codes

If you are reading this thinking I still would like to use a hyperlink in my Craigslist ad, some areas still let you post a hyperlink. If you are posting anywhere in the community section you can post a hyperlink. You can also post hyper links in some for sale sections on Craigslist. I know that the tickets for sale still allows hyperlinks.

Craigslist Hyperlink Workaround

This feature has been disabled from Craigslist for quite some time now. Users that follow Craigslist are familiar that there are no more hyperlinks. You still can post a link to your website. Post your website this way not like this Your website will not be clickable but anyone searching Craigslist can highlight your website and it will redirect them to your site even if they are browsing your ad with their phone.

Seems pretty easy right? The reason why I am suggesting you write your website this way is I tried both ways and I do receive more traffic to my website writing it out that way. It’s still a mystery why Craigslist took this feature away. If I had to guess it was because of people spamming.

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