Craigslist Flagging Software Review: Good or Bad Idea

Craigslist Flagging Software Review: Good or Bad Idea

craigslist flagging software reviewMy personal review on Craigslist flagging software.

A buddy of mine called me the other day and he post ads in a competitive area on Craigslist.

He is a legitimate business owner just trying to get a few ads live for his business on Craigslist. A lot of his ads seem to get flagged almost immediately. This could mean he is a victim of Craigslist flagging software.

Flagged ads on Craigslist

Unfortunately some people don’t believe in abundance and they flag their competitors ads on Craigslist. There is enough business on Craigslist for everyone without going around flagging each others ads. I had multiple people ask me where to download Craigslist flagging software and I don’t promote nor believe in that.

Watch this video and see how many companies are promoting this on Google and YouTube.

Video ► Craigslist Flagging Software Review

I bet some of you didn’t even know their was actually companies selling a Craigslist flagging tool. Craigslist sometimes can be hard to get your ads live without having anyone use a tool like this to flag your ads. Even though there is competitive areas on Craigslist there is still room for everyone to promote.

Your Thoughts?

What are your feelings on Craigslist anti flagging software? Have you ever been a victim of this behavior from a local competitor on Craigslist? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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