Craigslist Call to Action (Examples Inside)

When marketing and advertising on Craigslist a call to action is for your viewer or reader of your ad to take a specific action usually to a phone number, email or website. Learn examples to help motivate your target audience in a clear and direct approach for faster results!

Read this entire Craigslist ad to receive $1 thousands dollars!

Now this could be true. You may have an opportunity or need something needs to be done and you will pay $1 thousand to the person that responds to the ad. What you should take away from this is you should find ways to intrigue your readers and find creative ways to motivate them to take action.

  • Create curiosity, it’s human nature we are curious. Make people curious to see what’s next. Another aspect that provokes curiosity is a sense of urgency. Something that makes them want to take action now.
  • Case studies, testimonials or social proof is a great way to make your call to action a lot stronger. Doing research and testing out my personally testimonials I have seen an increase. If you do decide to use testimonials, make sure they are real.
  • Write about the benefit of someone taking action in your ad. Why is it a good reason to go to your website, email or call you? People want instant gratification.

Don’t be Afraid to Get a Little Creative

If you end your ad with, Here is my number or email. That really isn’t going to work as well. Everyone is doing that so if you want better results you have to be a little creative or different.

Phone example:

Want to talk to a real live person? Call me today!

Email example:

Email me today and I will send you xyz straight to your inbox 

Website example: 

Are you ready to check out my website? 

Here are some reasons why these work really well for Craigslist. For the phone example, people are going to take action and respond to your Craigslist ad before someone else because it is very hard to get a real live person on the phone these days. The email example works because just for the person to reach out and email you, you are giving them something at no cost just for reaching out to you. The last example sending them to a website works because no none asks at the end of their ad “are you ready to check out my website?”  It’s usually go here or click here with a link to a website. If the person reading your ad gets to that line with your website, you can guarantee they are going there to see more information.

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