Craigslist Affiliate Marketing: You’re Doing it All Wrong

The Wrong Way to do Affiliate Marketing on Craigslist Can End up Missing The Mark And How You Can do it The Right Way.

Very few people don’t know what affiliate marketing is, so if you are one of the few I will explain it real quick. Affiliate marketing is where you refer someone to a product or service most likely online. If that person decides to buy that product or service you will receive a unique commission for referring them. Sometimes if the purchase is reoccurring you will most likely receive a reoccurring commission.

If your going to refer something to someone it takes the same amount of time to refer based on residual commissions. Why not refer a product or service where you receive residual commissions instead of a one time commission? This is something to think about because it takes the same amount of time to do both, why not chose the residual one.

The Wrong Way

When you decide to become an affiliate for a company they supply you with a unique url. This website is exclusive to you. So anyone that buys from your website can be tracked back to the company and you would earn on every sale. Now there are endless ways to drive traffic back to you site. One way is Craigslist, I think a lot of people are attracted to Craigslist for affiliate marketing because.

  • Craigslist gets a ton of traffic (Alexa ranks Craigslist top 10 in the United States)
  • Craigslist will cost you $0 advertise is most sections
  • Craigslist is simple, but not easy

So, most people will post an ad using their affiliate link. This is good, but not great. Instead of using their website you want to use your own website or domain. You can purchase a domain for sometimes as low as $1.99 for the year. Once you buy your domain name you want to forward it with masking. The reason why is that it looks more professional.

Even though this will make your affiliate link look more professional your still doing it the wrong way…

The Right Way

With affiliate marketing you will hear this term a lot “The Money is in The List”. If  your doing affiliate marketing and not collecting emails you are doing it wrong. You want to send the traffic to your own website you own instead of the affiliate link and collect their email address.

So why would you want to do this?

  • With an email list you own it
  • You have a huge audience you can market to anytime
  • You can monetize the same person multiple times

There is a lot of research on creating your own website. Now you might be someone that is really good at creating websites, or you might be like me and not know what you are doing. Not to worry, keep reading. Aside from the website you also need one more resource, a email marketing service provider. This will be the place that stores all your emails you collect. When you create the email optin, you will be directed to have your email provider to host your email optin. You can forward the domain you bought to this site. Now you have a website collecting emails. I know a lot of people that make big incomes online and they don’t even have a website, but they collect the emails.

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