Can a Craigslist Image Hurt Your Ad?

Should you add an image to your Craigslist ad? You may think twice after reading this blog about uploading a Craigslist image to your ad.

Now it may seem that placing a Craigslist image would make your ad stand out. Don’t get me wrong of course it will, but there are a few reasons you may not want to.

Reason #1 Craigslist Doesn’t Want You to Upload Your Images

Craigslist allows you to upload 25 images per post. If Craigslist allows you to upload 25 pictures to your ad, why is that mostly all ads have no pictures. This question will get you thinking. Go to Craigslist after you finish reading this blog of course, look for your ad and scroll through the section your ad is placed in. Look at all the ads that were posted for that day. You will notice all ads have no images and if they do have an image it usually is just 1 image. In very rare cases you will find ads with more than 1 picture.

Reason #2 The Competition Will Flag Your Ad

I know it hurts to read that, but it’s true. If your competition sees you placing a lot of ads with beautiful images they will flag your ad. I wish I could give you a training on how to avoid this.  Not only will you stand out more with your audience you will also stand out more with the competition. For this reason it may not be worth it.

Reason #3 The Wasted Time Will Eat Your Profits

The last reason is to scratch the image from your ad permanently. Because it is very hard to get live images in your ad and with the chance of competition flagging your ad you will lose time so it might be worth it to not upload any images to your Craigslist ad. Another thought is might notice depending on your ad that the traffic going there is pretty much the same whether you have an image or not.

Share your experience with using Craigslist images below in the comments.

Easy Image Posting on Craigslist Without Flagging

Tom Doherty
Skype: tomfromnewyork

PS. If Your Are Posting Craigslist Ads Without Images And They Are Still Getting Flagged, You May Have Something Else Going on. Click Here to Have Your Ad Reviewed.

  1. While it can be true competion may flag your listing because of picture(s)
    Having pictures gives you the tools needed for people to see/visualize what you have to offer

    You can spend alot of extra time answering addtional emails of just sending pictures that otherwise could be on your CL listing

    I always include a “picture” of a link or web address for people to visit
    To pull them away from CL and to keep the flaggers and CL’s draconian TOS out of my business

    People buy with there eyes to start
    I’ve been on Craigslist for 10 years with over 25,000 hand submitted postings
    With over a half million in sales

    Pictures work
    If you get flagged you just repost as quick as you can

    I’ve always overtime worn out my competition by beinging deligent

    • Good point!

      With your ads it seems that adding images would really benefit you.

      Thanks for sharing

  2. I ALWAYS post ONE image. Like Pete said: pictures (especially good ones) are click magnets. Before anyone even reads your listing title, they decide whether they like you based on the image they see.

    It’s Human Nature 101 – We click on images we like – the BEST ones. I am a professional copywriter and the listing is sales copy, but I have to get people to click first so the pic is 100% mandatory.

    I spend lots of time choosing the images used and it works!

    I love, love, LOVE it when people (usually competitors) flag my ads. I charge way more than my competitors do. They have to make 8-10 times more sales than I do to generate the same revenues, and I can crush any niche I want to with my strategies and tactics.

    When competitors flag my ads, that’s a free ticket to repost my ad before the 48-hour moratorium on reposting in a category. I win because I can post my ads again within minutes and no more than hours after the flagging. (And I smile the whole time.)

    Unlike many markets, the service one is driven by quality as much as frequency. Prospects tell me all the time that they click on my ads to find me because they look for the best images and mine always are the best in any category I’m in.

    I rarely get flagged anymore, but I sure wish I was – it’s double exposure and I will win that contest just about every time.

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