Book Review: How to Communicate With Confidence

Book Review: How to Communicate With Confidence

How-To-Communicate-With-ConfidenceIf you are someone that is looking to improve your communication skills and communicate with confidence this is a great book to read.

This is a book that will be placed right next to How to Win Friends and Influence People on my book shelf.

Who is Mike Bechtle?

Mike Bechtle has a unique blend of ministry and corporate experience: from eighteen years in churches and Christian universities to more than two thousand time- and life-management seminars taught to many of the Fortune 500 companies. His articles have appeared in publications such as Discipleship Journal, Moody, Eternity, and Entrepreneur. He has been speaking at churches and conventions since 1974. After receiving his master’s degree from Talbot School of Theology, he received his doctorate in higher and adult education from Arizona State University.

Awkward Communication

It is always weird when you happen to run into someone you know and forget their name or they forgot yours. If it starts this way the conversation is doomed right from the start. An easy tip Mike covers in his book is when you run into the person you introduce yourself, instead of just saying hello Mike.

So an example would be running into Mike and you haven’t seen Mike in a while and he doesn’t remember your name. Walk up to him and say Hi Mike, Tom Doherty here, last time I seen you was at the event a few years ago. Now just in case he forgot your name, because you just told him your name again he won’t be worrying about it when he is talking to you. This is a great tip for anyone that forgets names.

Two Types of Questions

There are two types of questions open-ended questions and closed-ended questions. If you do any type of sales or networking this is really important for you to grasp. An open-ended question is a question that gets the person thinking. They can’t just answer with a single word. These are important questions to be aware of because they help you explore new territory with the other person and builds serious trust.

Example: What made you choose your profession? or What is a typical day like for you in your line of work?

After reading these examples try to answer them with just one word. You will find it hard to do. Now a closed-ended question is a single word answer and this doesn’t get the person thinking or build any trust.

Example: What type of sales do you do? or Do you work on Weekends?

Now try and answer these questions with just one word. You should find it a lot easier. The tips I shared in today’s blog are no where near the tips you will pick up from reading this book. Definitely a book I will be reading again and again. Have you ever read “How to Communicate With Confidence?” Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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