Best Category to Post Opportunity Ads

If you are promoting an opportunity on classified ad sites like Craigslist, does it matter where you post your ad? Here are a few thoughts on this topic and the answer to the best category.

The Wrong Section

Right away you may think the job section is the best place. It’s actually not the best the section, here’s why.

  • This section cost anywhere from $7-$75 per ad and if you renew the ad. When you renew an ad it’s just like posting a new ad.
  • Not all. but most of the people are looking for a job, not an opportunity. They usually don’t have money to invest because they are looking for a job.
  • Craigslist monitors the job section since it is paid. They tend to not allow opportunity ads in this section.

With that being said, I am not suggesting it won’t work at all. I am a HUGE believer in entrepreneurs are everywhere and you never know where they will emerge from. So you can test and track your marketing.

The Right Section

No it’s not the community, sales or services section. The best section to post your opportunity ads is the gig section.

  • This section will cost you zero dollars to promote your ads in any category (computer, creative, crew, domestic, event, labor, talent, writing) and in any state.
  • In the gig section, it’s not like the job section in the sense that someone has a job already and is looking for something on the side. They usually have a few dollars to invest in themselves.
  • Craigslist tends to be a little bit more open to opportunity ads in this section because it’s not a job.

You should make your ads congruent with the category within the gig section. An example would be if your opportunity ad has nothing to do with computers, don’t post it in the computer gig category. That would really be misleading and you would find your ad flagged pretty quick.

Share with me any thoughts on your favorite section to post in the comments below.

Tom Doherty
Skype: tomfromnewyork

PS. Still Not Sure Why Your Ads Are Getting Flagged? You Can Send me Your Ad Copy Here. You May Have Something Else Going on Besides The Section You Are Posting in.

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