Are All Cities Paid on Craigslist?

Do all cities have paid ads on Craigslist. Yes, but this is depending on what section you post in. There are workarounds on Craigslist in the paid cities I will go over with you.

Start Here First

Below is a blog post that you really should read if you haven’t yet. It is highly recommended you read this first before moving on. Everything is explained from the top ten cities on Craigslist and what cities you should post in first.

The Best City to Post in First

Why Are All Cities Paid

Craigslist is so big having tens of millions of ads posted every single month. It is hard to monitor all the spam ads posted in the job section. If you go to any other online classified besides Craigslist and try to post a spam ad in the job section it probably will get deleted right away. Slowly Craigslist started making the job section paid. In the past it cost you a flat fee of $25 per ad in the job section. Now every category within the job section in every city in the united states will run you anywhere from $7-$75 per ad.

I discussed the job section but there are other sections that also have fees including a few of the real estate broker categories and some of the for sale for dealer. The paid posting seems to change and when you review this there might be new rules. Here is the direct link to Craigslist posting fees so you can refer back and see if anything changed.

Paid City Workaround

There is no direct workaround in getting out of paying the fee for posting. You can still have success posting in these cities. Try posting your ad in the gig section. It’s that tiny section on the bottom right under the job section. People tend to forget about this section. Craigslist let’s you post a short term job or odd job here. Test and track your results, you might find you have same results posting here.

Have any thoughts or comment’s on paid cities? Share them with me below in the comment section.

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