Which Advertising Works Best Craigslist or The Pennysaver

Which Advertising Works Best Craigslist or The Pennysaver

Craigslist Versus PennysaverIf you are advertising your business, which works best Craigslist or the Pennysaver?

There really isn’t one answer for everyone. You really have to test and track your business and see what is working better.

I have spoke to many business owners who have tried both and some say Craigslist and some say Pennysaver. I would do try both and test and track your ads.

Start With Craigslist First

Craigslist is free, this is why you should begin with Craigslist. If you are just starting to advertise chances are you are new in business. Using the Pennysaver can be pretty pricey if you are just testing the waters and trying it out to see if it works.

Cover More Ground With Craigslist

You can cover more ground with Craigslist and obtain a lot more exposure than the Pennysaver. For about $40 I can advertise in the Pennysaver and that is just one advertisement and only covers about ten towns where I live. There are well over two hundred towns in my area.

You also can renew your ad every 48 hours. When you renew your ad it gets placed on the top of the ads on Craigslist, in other words it’s just like you placed a new ad. You can do this for about 30 days. Instead of paying for one ad that only last once in the Pennysaver, you can have a brand new ad promoting your business for about thirty days depending on your area.

Two Craigslist Resources For You

These two blogs I wrote will really help you and complement this blog, if you are a small business or entrepreneur looking to get better at advertising on Craigslist.

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  1. I definitely prefer Craigslist. Quality and exposure is better than penny saver. I really like the ability to re post and have an option to post in free section as well.

  2. Hi Tom,
    1). Is this course downloadable. If its Cd etc then how can you keep it updated every time craigslist make new changes.
    2)Is this for MLM adsalso? I know craigslist do not like MLM words and phrases. Would the program show us how to do mlm ads without getting flagged or ghosted?

  3. Thanks Tina, Great points

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