6 Important Rules in Networking for Success

6 Important Rules in Networking for Success


networking peopleThis is one skill you really want to master. In this post I am going to share with you some important rules in networking for success.

I learned these networking skills from the book Endless Referrals by Bob Burg. Pick up this book, if you are in sales, network marketing or just looking to get better at networking.

Rule #1 Don’t Expect an Immediate Result

We have all heard the more you give the more you receive. You need to trust this process. The more you communicate, network and add value to your conversations, the more people will want to do business with you and refer you.

Rule #2 Model a Mentor

Look for a mentor someone that has already been successful. Develop a great friendship that grows over time. Someone that is where you want to be that can take you under their wing. A good mentor wants to be a mentor and teach the right person.

Rule #3 Watch The Time

When you are networking make sure you are respectful of the other person’s time. No one wants to network with someone that is taking advantage of their time. Always ask people do you have a minute or is this good time?

Rule #4 Always Keep Your Word

i love referralsYou do not want to be known as someone that does not keep their word. If you say you are going to do something, always follow through no matter what. People will not take you serious and do business with you if you do not keep your word.

Rule #5 Be Careful Not to Blow The Deal

When someone gives you a referral make sure you handle that referral the right way. Ask questions to the person that referred you. Find out who they are and why they want you to call them. It only takes a few minutes to ask these simple questions and prepare yourself.

Rule #6 Say Thank You

It’s amazing how far a thank you can go. Don’t be that person that does not show appreciation. Learn to say thank you and show your gratitude and appreciation.

Wrap Up

Follow these simple rules and you will become better at communicating, networking and adding value to your conversation.  Always invest in yourself, get some books on networking. Go to your local book store or library, I highly recommend adding Endless Referrals to your personal library.

One last thought on networking. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Yes people will give you them when they get to know you, but most people don’t ask. Start including this all the time. I know some big people that built their businesses from referrals. I would love to hear when was the last time you asked for a referral.?

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Much Success and Gratitude!

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  1. Hello everyone…I have been using Tom’s service for just a short time now for my Animal & pest Control Company here in the state of New Jersey…immediately we began seeing results and picking up new customers. Also his Expertise & Advice in Marketing has been profitable as well…I highly recommend his services to every business owner !!! Thanks Tommy For Everything !! YOUR AWESOME !!

  2. Rule # 3 struck a chord with me. I recently had a friend of mine talk to me about their opportunity. They went on non stop for about 45 mins. Quite an uncomfortable experience.

    I think it’s important to respect people’s time. Keep it short and simple. You don’t need to sign someone up during the first exposure, just to spark some interest.

    Thanks for sharing.

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