5 Ways to Change Your IP Address For Craigslist

5 Ways to Change Your IP Address For Craigslist


Why would you want to change your IP address?

There are many reasons why you would want to change your IP. Most of them are security reasons to help prevent viruses on your computer. Marketers even use your IP’s sometimes to track your online activity.

Some websites like Craigslist, track your activity through your IP address.

What is an IP Address?

An IP address is a string a numbers that your internet service provider gives you to identify yourself and communicate online. If you want to search Google or see what’s going on, on Facebook you need an IP address. If you don’t have one it would be impossible to use the internet. We are going to go over 5 different ways to change your IP address and all work for Craigslist, some better than others.

First: Using a VPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is used by a lot of corporations and schools because of their sensitive data and VPN’s provide high end security. If you Google VPN’s you will find an endless amount of VPN services. They are fairly easy to use and cheap. After you order the service, next you will install a piece of software on your computer. Because they are simple to use and very cost this would be a good place to start.

Second: Using a Proxy

A proxy or proxy server is another computer you connect to which acts like a hub. You connect to this proxy server and you are given a different IP address. Proxies are used like the VPN for security and to provide anonymity when surfing the internet. Proxies are a little bit harder to use compared to VPN’s. Usually you have to edit your web browser and change some settings and enter the proxy IP address.

Third: Using a Web Browser

The Google chrome web browser has a feature called “incognito mode.” It’s very simple to use. Open Google Chrome, Click on settings and click on “new incognito window.” You will see a new window will open and that let’s you browser the internet in private. Website that you now visit will not be able to see you and track you.


Fourth: Using a Router

If you are using a router at your home or office you most likely have more than one computer. What the router does is give you multiple IP address so all your computers can go online. Your router gives you a “local” IP address that looks like this “192.168”. If you change that IP it won’t change your identity online. When using a router you want to change your MAC address. I recently wrote a blog with a step by step video how to change your IP with  a router. You can watch the video here.

Fifth: Using a Cell Phone

Turn off the WiFi on your cell phone and use your data. This will give you a new IP address. Your cell phone comes a data package, mostly everyone has one. If you don’t and you want to try this method out you can call your cell provider and add data to your cell phone plan.

Where Should You Start?

That is really up to you. I have had success using every method I shared with you here. I would pick one of the ways I mentioned in this blog and start there. Out of all these ways listed above you are going to find the perfect one that works for your posts. Leave me a comment and let me know whats working for you.

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