3 Ways to Make Your First Sale on Craigslist

3 Ways to Make Your First Sale on Craigslist

First Sale on CraigslistObtaining sales on Craigslist is hard in the beginning for some people.

If that’s the case with you, don’t worry! If you follow these 3 ways I listed below you will be on your way to making your first sale.

Just like anything, sometimes the first step is the hardest, but second and third become easier.

Psychology of Sales

When people hear the word “sales”, they often associate that with someone being pushy or trying to deceive them in a certain way. That is why, people conduct business with the people they know, like and trust. When someone trusts you they open up and let you know some of their pains. At this point you share your product or service with the person and see if it is fit for their needs.

Step 1 (Blog)

There is a whole section dedicated to selling on Craigslist, called the “For Sale Section”. If someone visits that section, they already are looking to buy. But, don’t underestimate the power of blogging. If you have competitors selling the same product or service and they are not blogging, you will stand out. If you blog about your product or service, you are looked at as an expert. So instead of just posting an ad with your product or service, send the person to your blog.

Step 2 (Forums)

I have to admit, this is an area I haven’t really took advantage of. I plan to focus some energy here because you can ask questions and give advice and again this builds trust and people in the Craigslist community get to know you. Don’t just engage in the forum and start posting your product or service. Keep it professional, do not spam.

Step (3 Free)

I don’t mean give your product or service out for free. If you have a product that you are promoting, give the person free samples. I offer classified ad training and I give free consultations.  You can offer a consultation or even a trial of the service. These are just some of the options to engage with people.

Have you made your first sale on Craigslist?

Tom Doherty

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  1. Hey Tom, am really enjoying your Craigslist’s tips and tricks. I have a burning question and don’t know who to turn to for answers and wondered if you might oblige?

    A former licensed private investigator/agency owner of 20 years, recently retired, I worked with a lot of ‘crazy’ folks running on high emotions, looking for revenge as you can imagine.

    As a result, and for my safety, and having a home office, I shied away from my physical location being found — going to extremes such as not registering to vote because of the public record nature of those records.

    I further never developed a ‘social network’ — not wanting to expose friends/family etc to any type of risks.

    So now I’m trying to market classes on entry-level private investigation on Skillshare.com as a hobby. But don’t have any network in place to market across. Though having Facebook/Twitter accounts, they are not active in any way.

    Do you know if there are any services that provide social networking opportunities for people like me trying to get word out? To get the ball rolling?

    My mother said it never hurts to ask….

    Thank you for your valuable time.


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