3 Step Formula for Success in Network Marketing

3 Step Formula for Success in Network Marketing

Key-To-Success-In-Network-MarketingFollow this 3 step formula for success in your network marketing company.

Vehicle x Skills x Effort

This is your 3 step formula for success. This formula is really helpful for any opportunity or business.

I am showing an example in the network marketing model because that is the vehicle I choose to use.

This is really a powerful formula! Let me break this down and put it together for you.


If you don’t have the right vehicle, you will fail here is why. Warren Buffett is widely considered one of the top investors of the 20th century and one of the most wealthy people in the world. With that being said, he knows how and what to invest his money in. Now that is his vehicle, but if you put him behind the counter at a McDonald’s how much money would he make? Not that much, this is why having the right vehicle is crucial for your success.

The reason I choose network marketing as my vehicle is the little risk involved and the upside potential. As I grow with the company and become better so does my income.


Write this down and say this at least once a day.

“I will put in the work, to become skilled.”

How do you become skilled? Learn everything you can possibly learn and more. What’s cool about network marketing is there are tons of resources from your company. Examples would be your events, audios and videos. Now a days with the internet there are tons of resources that can be accessed online. There is no excuse not to become skilled in this profession.


You must put in the effort. You can have the right vehicle and learn all the skills you want, but if you don’t put in the effort nothing will happen. You must be willing to work really hard! Something to keep in mind, make sure you have a balance between learning the skills and your effort. It happens way to much especially in network marketing. People get caught up in learn mode and never take action.

Final Thought

This is a really simple formula, but you must follow it in order to have success. If you are still looking for the right vehicle and considering network marketing. Watch this video I created on the top 5 reasons you should build a network marketing company. Share this around if you know anyone looking at the industry. This is a generic video, not a pitch video. If you enjoyed this post and got value please comment below. Thanks for reading.

Much Success and Gratitude!

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  1. Nice article yes this is the mindset you need when you you will create business not just mlm but all kinds off business. Keep it coming i look forward to read more here

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