3 Mistakes Top Network Marketers Make

3 Mistakes Top Network Marketers Make


opportunty - failureIn this post I am going to share with you 3 mistakes I see top network marketers make.  It amazes me to see experienced MLM leaders do this.

Calling To Touch Base

Did you ever get a call from someone you haven’t talked to in a while?  They say something like I am calling to catch up or touch base.  But they are really trying to prospect you.

This one is kind of funny. You are not calling to touch base. You are calling to see if that person would have any interest in working with you and your opportunity.

When you are calling another network marketer you worked with in the past or someone you were friends with in a different company with the intent to prospect them.  Just be honest.  People can spot a liar a mile away. People can sense you need something from them. If you want to do this the right way.  You can say something like this.

Hi Tom, I know we haven’t spoke in a while.  I do want to catch up with you. It was great hanging and learning with you at different company events. Looks like we had to go separate ways. I am currently working with a new company and wanted to see if you were open to taking a look.  Possible if their is a fit maybe we can work together again.

Jumping Around

Jumping around from deal to deal. Every single month you are going to get pitched about the next big thing.  That is how they are marketed to us. How in the world do you expect people to take you serious when you can’t even decide for yourself. It starts with commitment.  Someone has got to be committed.

mistakeHave you ever met a professional person who was a doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, school teacher, barber, financial planner, paralegal, police officer, fireman, small business owner? Wouldn’t it be funny if someone said, this is what I do lol. You will never see this happen.

You have to focus (follow one course until successful).  When someone is ready to enroll with me.  They always ask me what else do you do? What they are really saying is are you committed or are you going to call me every month with the latest and greatest opportunity.

Talking About The Past

Never talk about what you did in the past. Some people talk about all the things that they did in the past. If you want the same results you had in the past.  You have to be willing to do what you did in the past to get them. Don’t talk a big game, show a big game.

When someone I have prospected is ready to enroll and they can’t stop talking about all the things they did in a previous company and all the things they are going to do. It’s almost 100% certain that they do nothing at all. So if you truly want the same results or better.  Just get to work.  Learn what is working in the new company and apply all of your current skills. You will be a rock star!

Wrap Up

So to wrap up the 3 biggest mistakes I see top network marketers make. First, change your initial contact call from “touching base” to a real and not phony call. Second, get committed to the company you are working with.  People join committed people. Third, don’t talk about all the things you did, and all the things you are going to do.  The real results come from you showing, not talking.

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  1. Tom,
    What a greate post. I think everyone who is new to this industry should read this post.

  2. Great post Tom. Two parts really resonate with me, the jumping around and living in the part. Jumping around definitely gives onlookers the impression you may abandon them and go to another program at a moments notice. And we do sometimes envision ourselves as the person at the peak of our game instead of the person who needs improvement today. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Great article! Thank you so much, can wait to share this with my team leaders!

  4. Awesome! This is very informative-wonderful advice!
    Keep these posts going!

  5. This was an interesting read. I learned a few things from your post. Thank you.

  6. Great post! Especially about jumping around, really strikes home as funny when I get emails from some “guru” telling me about the “next big thing” he found for us to get involved in. I have not followed your posts for long, but I find them highly informational. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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