3 Free Traffic Sources for Your Blog

3 Free Traffic Sources for Your Blog

three thumbs upHow does increased free traffic to blog sound? Good?

I am going to share with you three free sources you may not be taking advantage of. These are very easy to incorporate into your blog promotion.

You may already be using these social networking sites, but not promoting your blog there.


First is Instagram – At first I wasn’t a big fan of Instagram, but when I heard my sister say, “I buy from Instagram all the time,” I took another look. When people like your images on Instagram and they are following you, when you post an image that has valuable content with a link to your blog post they will go there from Instagram. Watch this video to see exactly how I show you to do it.


Second is Pinterest – Pinterest is another great site to post your blog. It’s becoming more and more a resourceful site for valuable information and not just a place to find pictures, quotes and memes. If someone searches for a picture on Pinterest with value they are going to go to the blog link in the description. Watch this video I created for a really simple way to put this to action.


craigslistThird is Craigslist – Craigslist isn’t an app or social networking site. Craigslist is a free online classified ad site. Craigslist is still rated very high with traffic, being in the top 20 websites visited in the USA. People go here to find information. So if you create an ad with some valuable information on a topic that the person is looking for, make sure you add a link to your blog. This is a really simple strategy, watch this quick video to see how it’s done.


3 Free Traffic tips

Here are quick links to the three methods I shared above.

Instagram quick link

Pinterest quick link

Craigslist quick link

If you are not using these blog traffic tips or just using some of them. Incorporate these in your promotion and get lots new traffic. Where do you promote your blog for free? Leave me a comment and let me know how you promote your blog.

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