100 Percent Live Ads on Craigslist

Is it even possible to have 100 percent live ads on Craigslist?

You may be thinking this is a blog promoting a craigslist posting service and its not. I don’t post ads for anyone or endorse anyone that posts ads. What you can learn from me is training, tips, and education for online classifieds.

100% Live Ads

When you search the internet for Craigslist posting services you probably have seen or will see, “we offer 100% live ads”. You almost want to laugh when you see this because it’s just not true. You will never meet anyone that has experienced 100% live ads before. Here are some of the reasons you will never see this happen.

This is taken right from Craigslist Flags and Community Moderation 

Craigslist states that tens of millions of ads are posted every single month. Millions of ads are flagged removed every single month.

  • Craigslist users flag postings they find to be in violation of the “prohibited” link at the top of each posting.
  • Craigslist staff can also flag and remove your ads.
  • Lastly, Craigslist has an automated system that flags your ads.

No System is Perfect

The millions of ads that are flagged every month are usually from users who violate Craigslist terms of use. But you are posting your ads and following the TOU. CL also states that their automated system that flags ads and it is not anywhere near perfect.

If you are experiencing flagged ads, I listed a few things you can do to help prevent this from happening to you.

Please keep in mind I am not endorsing, promoting or bashing any Craigslist posting service. With all the ways Craigslist, CL users, the CL automated system and, the other list of endless ways your ad can get flagged, it is impossible to have every single one of your ads to go live.

Do you see more live ads than flagged ads? Leave me a comment maybe I can help?

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