100 Ads on Craigslist in 2 Weeks

Is 100 ads on Craigslist even possible now a days? You can achieve this goal in 2 weeks.

Before you learn how to post 100 ads on Craigslist it is important to understand that less is more. It’s human nature to want things done yesterday. That type of mindset will get you zero results on Craigslist. You can’t just open one Craigslist account and start posting 100 ads it will never work. You have to be strategic and patient and it will be worth it.

What You Need to Start

Here is a list of what you will need to prepare before we start.

  • 10 PVA’s
  • 10 emails
  • 10 Craigslist accounts (brand new accounts, no ads posted)
  • 100 different titles
  • 10 Different ads

Now I will add additional resources for you at the bottom to help make this even easier for you. First take your PVA’s emails, and create 10 new Craigslist accounts. Make sure the PVA’s and emails you are using are new or you won’t be able to set up the Craigslist accounts.

Something else you should do is change your ip between setting up all accounts. After you set up each account only¬†post 2 ads so you can verify the PVA and email. Don’t worry about the first 2 ads you post. Right now you are just setting up the account. After you have the accounts setup do not post any ads for at least a week. Let the accounts burn in.

Now that you have your accounts setup, it is time to setup the real ads you are posting. Create 10 different ads and 100 titles. You can do this with just 10 different ads. It is really the titles that have to be all different or your ads will flag. You don’t need to mix the ads up, keep 1 ad per account.

Start Posting Your Ads

At this point you have your accounts setup and ads created. Login to an account and post 2 ads. Change your ip and move on the next account. Continue this step till you posted 2 new ads from each account. Wait 48 hours and repeat the process. After 48 hours you can renew your ads so post 2 ads and renew the old ones now you have 4 live ads from each account. In just two days now you have 40 ads. Wait another 48 hours and repeat the process, post 2 ads and renew the 4 old ads. Now you have 60 ads. Continue this process for two weeks and you will have 100 live ads on Craigslist.

Additional Resources

Keep in mind this is the steps to achieve 100 live ads in as little as two weeks. Is that going to work perfect for you? It may or may not, but let’s say you had 50% of the results. That is 50 live ads in two weeks. Keep practicing and like I mentioned earlier here are some additional resources to help you achieve your results.

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